There was a table outside my class building with someone selling fedoras so I decided to help their business out.

Updated since the old one bothers me and is no longer relevant. Profile info is also updated as well.

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I’m super gay for greninja ok  (◡‿◡✿) <3

420 egg it bro

Redraw of that shot of Hawlucha coming in the anime soon. Also with a shiny version~

Art is hard.

So InsomniacOvrlrd had a Zubat in one of his comics recently, and it got us discussing under-appreciated Pokemon and stuff and how they can be fun to experiment with etc etc, and it got me in the mood to play with Zubat and its expressions. No eyes means I gotta exaggerate with the ears and mouth a lot more, which was super fun to play around with!

This bitch is using 3 of the 6 washing machines available for everyone in the building all for herself.

Like um, excuse your shit, people need to use these. This is not your personal fucking laundromat. 

I’m kinda early but whatever hfgrbfjkh

It’s Tachi’s birthday tomorrow! So I drew his fiery Charizard Pokesona he’s got planned!

Happy (early) Birthday dude! Love ya!

My inspiration when I’m feeling down.